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Red Devil and other Cichlids
Red Devil and other Cichlids
Red Devil and other Cichlids
Midas Cichlid Aggression

The Midas Cichlid is one of the most aggressive cichlids. It was especially the yellow and orange kind of color that succeeded in usurping the best and deepest areas in a river – thanks to its strong power in specific regions of its natural habitat. Usurping the deeper areas offered them the possibility to escape the dynamite fishing – this kind of fishing that depleted the grey, less aggressive specimen of the Amphilophus Cetrinellus.

Even some young specimen of that fish are not intimidated anymore – p.e. by the larger Astronotus Ocellatus (Oscar). Adult males with strong frontal humps can easily become killers of their females and other fellow fish because of their power. There are some specimen that pick out another fellow cichlid for turning their aggressions on. A
huge tank, that contains radices, stones and caves for retreating and other viewing barriers, offers the possibility to keep the aggression in check. A well chosen fish stocking of several fellow cichlids and other smaller or similar-sized fish of Central America eases the aggressive demeanor immensely. This renders these fish suitable inhabitants, who are not always violating each other.

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